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Kickin' It With The Women's Soccer Team (Sept. 22, 2009)

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Hello. This is Jen Leaverton. Since you last heard, the team's emotions have been running high. After coming off of two huge victories in California, we stayed on track taking care of New Hampshire the following Friday (Sept. 4) Nonetheless, we suffered our first major setback of the season, being defeated by Princeton that Sunday. We evaluated this loss and figured we could look at it one of two ways; we could let it deflate our spirits, or use it as motivation, something to push us to our limits day in and day out from that point forward. Needless to say, we opted for option two.

Since losing to Princeton, we have worked twice as hard in practice, not settling for anything less than perfection. Every member of this team knows what we are capable of, and we had now experienced how quickly it could be taken away. This team possesses a unity and trust that does not come along often, and we know that we have to take advantage of it. Due to dedication and hard work, we have gone 4-0 in the past two weekends defeating the likes of LIU, Indiana, Syracuse and Columbia.

It has been a team effort this season, with seven different players scoring the game-winning goal. This alone shows the significance of every player on the team. From starters, to people coming off the bench, there has been nothing but support, motivation and encouragement from each member of this team. With this group, nothing can hold us back.

-J.Leaverton #10


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