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Kickin' It With The Women's Soccer Team

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Hey Everyone!  The summer is going so fast. The season is right around the corner and I cannot wait.  I am so excited to start the year and to meet all the new players coming in.  Talking with some of the incoming girls, I know we are going to have a great year!  Right now I am working for Northwestern Mutual as a Financial Representative.  So far it has been a great experience, and the people I am working with are so nice and supportive.  The more and more I work here, the more I realize how being an athlete is going to help me in all areas of my life.  There are things I have learned from being on the St. John's women's soccer team that will forever be with me.  The mental toughness, the teamwork, the concentration and the hard work that comes with being a St. John's student-athlete can be applied to the working world and all aspects of my life.  Being an athlete has definitely helped me through this internship with Northwestern Mutual, and I am proud to say I am an athlete.  
Even though I am working, my soccer career at St. John's still comes first.  The more I am away from everyone the more I miss them. I truly cannot wait for pre-season to start. During the summer, all of us are working really hard to get ready for the season.  We have running groups and support groups to help motivate each other and keep us on track.  Every time I get up early to run or come back from work to train I think of all the great girls on our team working so hard and the great season we have ahead of us.  This helps me get through the hard days.  I love playing for St. John's and the more time goes on the more I realize how special our women's soccer team is. 

The people on this team are truly inspiring, and I know the girls coming in are going to love being part of such a special program.  This past Saturday I did a really hard run on the track.  I almost was going to stop, but what helped me keep going was thinking of all my teammates and how they were all running through pain and working hard.  I thought about how bad I wanted to win and how I needed to keep going.  My teammates truly inspire me and without them I would not have gotten through the run.

- Nicole Pasciolla

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