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Update on the Ryder Cup Format

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The Ryder Cup follows three different formats of play over the weekend of the competition. The first is the foursomes match play, followed by fourball and then individual singles matches.

The foursomes match play consist of four seperate matches, each featuring a pair of players from both the American and European squad. Each pair alternates shots on the same ball, and the pair with the lowest score on a hole wins that hole. The pair that wins the most holes earns a point for their team. If the match is tied after 18, each team receives 1/2 of a point.

Since only eight of the 12 players get to play in the foursomes match play, that means a few of golf's best have to sit on the sidelines. Most experts believe that because of his long driving ability and clutch putting that St. John's alumnus Keegan Bradley is ideal for this format. Four foursome matches occur on Friday with four more on Saturday.

Also occurring on both Friday and Saturday the fourball matches. The pairings are similar with two Americans and two Europeans in each foursome. However, in this format, all four players play their own ball. The lowest score on a hole wins the hole for that team. Four ball is also played on both Friday and Saturday with both teams using eight players.

The final format is head-to-head singles match play, where all 12 players from each team play against one member from the other team in classic match play. In all cases, if the two teams are tied at the end of 18 holes, each team is awarded 1/2 of a point instead of the full point.

Experts are saying that because of his shot-making ability and his penchant for coming up big in the biggest moments, Bradley could be one of the top point-scorers for the U.S. team this weekend.

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