Taffner Field House

Field HouseReserved
Intercollegiate Basketball Court (2)$1,000,000 each
Main Lobby/Student Lounge$500,000 each
Recreational Basketball Court (2)$500,000 each
Basketball Team Locker Room (2)$250,000 each
Entrance (4)$250,000 each
Academic Support Area$250,000
Head Coach's Office (2)$250,000 each
Basketball Weight Training Room$250,000
Sports Medicine Room (Basketball)$200,000
Basketball Coach's Locker Room (2)$150,000 each
Student-Athlete Lounge (2)$150,000 each
Conference RoomReserved
Team Meeting Room$100,000
Men's Assistant Coach's Office (1) (2 Reserved)$50,000 each
Women's Assistant Coach's Office (3)$50,000 each
Field House Front Window (8)$50,000 each
Recreation Locker Room (2)$50,000 each
Elevator (1) (1 (BB-area) Reserved)$25,000 each
Equipment Storage Area$25,000
Men's Reception AreaReserved
Women's Reception AreaReserved
Lower Level Reception AreaReserved
Work Room (2)$25,000 each
Recreation Office (3)$25,000 each
Men's Basketball Coach's Individual Locker (6)$25,000 each
Women's Basketball Coach's Individual Locker (6)$25,000 each
Men's Basketball Player's Locker (14) (1 Reserved)$10,000 each
Women's Basketball Player's Individual Locker (15)$10,000 each
Men's and Women's Recreation Lockers (TBD)$5,000 each
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