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Coach Mullin and others sitting at event Coach Carnesecca and others

Thanks to the wonderful support provided by alumni and friends, Red Storm athletic programs have been able to sustain a level of excellence we can all be proud of. It is a level we look forward to not only maintaining, but also nourishing as we strive to grow and prosper in an era of an even more competitive Big East Conference.

As part of doing so, we will continue to move ahead with initiatives providing our student-athletes with the very best athletic, academic, training and medical facilities possible to allow them to reach their highest hopes and fulfill their biggest dreams in the classroom, on the field, and ultimately, in life.

Please consider joining the many generous alumni and friends in supporting these highly-regarded initiatives - including the Carnesecca initiative and Kaiser initiative, named after two of the most beloved coaches in our history - to help us make those hopes and dreams a reality.

Naming Opportunities
Carnesecca Arena
Kaiser Initiative - Baseball
Taffner Field House
Softball Stadium

Carnesecca Opportunities
Arena Reserved
Basketball Court Reserved
Athletic Plaza/Complex $10,000,000
Lobby $2,500,000
Student Athlete Center for Excellence $1,000,000
Hall of Fame $1,000,000
Multi-Sport Gymnasium $500,000
Weight Training Room $500,000
Coaches' Locker Room $250,000
Sports Medicine Room $250,000
Entryway (4) $250,000 each
Athletic Director's Office Reserved
Fencing Salon $100,000
Team Locker Room (8) $100,000 each
Ticket Office $100,000 each
Golf Room Reserved
Coach's Office (13) $50,000 each
Equipment Room $50,000
Conference Room (6) $50,000 each
Faculty Locker Room $25,000
Athletic Communications Area $25,000 each
Administrative Offices (4) Reserved
Welcome Desk Area Reserved
Kaiser Initiative - Baseball
Baseball Field Reserved
Home Bullpen Reserved
Dugout (2) $500,000 each
Scoreboard TBD
Press Box $250,000
Outdoor Batting Cage $100,000
Outfield Fence $100,000
Dugout Bench (2) $25,000 each
Press Box Booth (4) $25,000 each
Visiting Bullpen $25,000
Row of Seats (TBD) $5,000 each
Taffner Field House
Field House Reserved
Plaza $2,500,000
Intercollegiate Basketball Court (2) $1,000,000 each
Main Lobby/Student Lounge $500,000 each
Recreational Basketball Court (2) $500,000 each
Basketball Team Locker Room (2) $250,000 each
Entrance (4) $250,000 each
Academic Support Area $250,000
Head Coach's Office (2) $250,000 each
Basketball Weight Training Room $250,000
Sports Medicine Room (Basketball) $200,000
Basketball Coach's Locker Room (2) $150,000 each
Student-Athlete Lounge (2) $150,000 each
Conference Room Reserved
Team Meeting Room $100,000
Men's Assistant Coach's Office (1) (2 Reserved) $50,000 each
Women's Assistant Coach's Office (3) $50,000 each
Field House Front Window (8) $50,000 each
Recreation Locker Room (2) $50,000 each
Elevator (1) (1 (BB-area) Reserved) $25,000 each
Equipment Storage Area $25,000
Men's Reception Area Reserved
Women's Reception Area Reserved
Lower Level Reception Area Reserved
Work Room (2) $25,000 each
Recreation Office (3) $25,000 each
Men's Basketball Coach's Individual Locker (6) $25,000 each
Women's Basketball Coach's Individual Locker (6) $25,000 each
Men's Basketball Player's Locker (14) (1 Reserved) $10,000 each
Women's Basketball Player's Individual Locker (15) $10,000 each
Men's and Women's Recreation Lockers (TBD) $5,000 each
Softball Stadium
Stadium $1,000,000
Field $500,000
Dugout (2) $100,000 each
Outdoor Batting Cage (2) $100,000 each
Pitching Cage (2) $100,000 each
Scoreboard TBD
Press Box $25,000
Bleacher Section $25,000
Row of Seats (TBD) $2,500 each
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