Red Storm Award Winners Honor Fifth Grade 'Olympians' At Local Elementary School

Lena Yee signs autographs for students at P.S. 113.
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    June 1, 2009

    QUEENS, N.Y. - Lacrosse graduate Matt Viscusi and volleyball senior Lena Yee were recently invited to assist in honoring participants of Glendale's P.S. 113 Isaac Chauncey Elementary School Olympics.

    Viscusi and Yee were selected based on their distinction as Rickard F. McSwiney Award winners at this year's St. John's Athletics Awards Banquet. The McSwiney award honors a male and female student-athlete who "best typifies the St. John's man/woman, exhibiting pride in team achievements, determination as a competitor to excel, graciousness in victory and defeat, ability as a leader, and love and dedication to his/her alma mater."

    Speaking to a group of approximately 70 fifth graders, Viscusi and Yee congratulated the students on their academic and athletic achievements, then briefly shared insights into their experiences as Division-I student-athletes. They assisted the elementary school administrators in awarding each child a ribbon and "Olympic" medal for their participation in the program. Following the ceremony, the Red Storm student-athletes signed autographs and spoke individually with many of the children and the program volunteers.

    The P.S. 113 Olympics is an after-school program designed to challenge students in both individual and team settings, with a major focus on sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork, leadership and graciousness in victory and defeat. Academically eligible fifth graders with an interest in physical activity were divided into teams for the year. Weekly indoor competitions between teams involved a variety of athletic challenges, including an obstacle course, three-legged races, miniature golf and a basketball shooting contest. The program, created by the P.S. 113 administration and supported by several parent volunteers, was developed to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by giving students an opportunity to participate in several different sports and athletic activities.

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