105 Red Storm Student-Athletes Named BIG EAST Academic All-Stars For 2005-06

St. John???s University had 105 student-athletes achieve BIG EAST Academic All-Star honors for the 2005-06 academic year. The athletes honored span across the majority of St. John???s 17 varsity teams.

"These students have excelled in and out of the classroom," said Eric Rienecker, director of academic support for student-athletes. "They truly embody the meaning of the term student-athlete."

In order to be nominated for the BIG EAST conference academic honor, student-athletes had to maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in the respective academic year, which includes fall, winter and spring semesters. Student-athletes must have also earned a varsity letter and participated in a BIG EAST sport.

In addition to the conference???s Academic All-Stars, 27 other student-athletes from lacrosse and men???s and women???s fencing, which do not participate in BIG EAST conference play, also met the academic criteria for the award.

"Our student-athletes are empowered to be dedicated students, leaders in the community and competitive athletes," Rienecker said. "These students have accomplished all three."

Below is a list of the student-athletes honored by the conference. The following is broken down by team and class. Majors are listed in the parentheses.

Track & Field (15)
?? Freshmen:

Rakibat Abiola (Anthropology) *
Kandese Allen (Government)
Abbie David (Communication Arts)

?? Sophomores:
Johanna Kernizan (Biology)
Latoya Wilmot (Undecided)

?? Juniors:
Jodey Johnson (Communication Arts)
Jennifer Lewis (Communication Arts)

?? Seniors:
Jasmine Barreto (Speech) *
Tarashon Broomes (Psychology) *
Thamara Cherisme (Criminal Justice) *
Dominique Ficalora (English) *
Nenjae Gibson (Government)
Kaydian Reid (Criminal Justice) *
Alecia Sewell (Communication Arts)

?? Graduate Students:
Stephanie Zollman (Marketing)
* - also received honors in Cross Country

Baseball (20)
?? Freshmen:

Daniel Rose (Management)
Steven Vitale (Sports Management)

?? Sophomores:
George Brown (Accounting)
Sam DeLuca (Sports Management)
Bryan Dirr (Environmental Studies)
William Grantham (Physics)
Gilberto Zayas (Sports Management)

?? Juniors:
Christopher Anninos (Biology)
James Lally (Administrative Studies)
Ryan Mahoney (Sports Management)
Brendan Monaghan (Finance)
Justin Pane (English)

?? Seniors:
Rob Delaney (Sports Management)
Ken Devenney (Adolescence Education/Math)
Kristopher Hickle (Sports Management)
Chris Joachim (Communication Arts)
Justin Muir (Math)
Eddie Schultz (Finance)
Will Vogl (Sports Management)

Women???s Soccer (12)
?? Freshmen:
Jaclyn James (Education)
Brittany Cavarra (Marketing)

?? Sophomores:
Susan Byrne (Criminal Justice)

?? Juniors:
Jamie Beran (Government)
Erin Bohn (Marketing)
Julianna Cohen (Education)
Natasha Lee (Sports Management)
Jane Vongvorachoti (Human Services)

?? Seniors:
Andrea Coukoulis (Fine Arts)
Erin Henderson (Sport Management)
Tracey Rollings (Psychology)
Holly Ryder (Italian)

Men???s Soccer (14)
?? Freshmen:

David Greenman (Undeclared)
Jara Habib (Management)
Michael Keohane (Management)
Milos Kocic (Undeclared)
Gary Lewis (Sports Management)
Petar Rakovic (Undeclared)

?? Sophomores:
Jason Landers (Undeclared)
Michael Mingione (Finance)
Steven Old (Sport Management)
Rory Quinn (Psychology)

?? Juniors:
Ben Shuleva (Finance)
Jeff Stepan (Chemistry)

?? Seniors:
Patrik Engstrom (Economics)

?? Graduate Students:
Sebastian Alvarado-Ralph (Marketing)

Softball (12)
?? Freshmen:

Ashley Basilicato (Undeclared)
Alyssa Clark (Undeclared)
Melissa Pilley (Communication Arts)

?? Sophomores:
Danielle Estrada (Theology)
Lisa Geer (Communication Arts)
Bionka King (Human Services)

?? Juniors:
Tamara Hill (Psychology)
Kimberly Lerch (Fine Arts)

?? Seniors:
Blair Belloni (Communication Arts)
Jessica Marical (Fine Arts)
Megan Oliver (Sports Management)
Jo Sherlock (Psychology)

Men???s Tennis (4)
?? Freshmen:

Aliaksandr Svetlakov (Finance)
Jordan Talbot (Sports Management)

?? Seniors:
Morgan Bauer (Criminal Justice)
David Nylen (Sport Management)

Women???s Tennis (7)
?? Freshmen:

Gabija Gasiunaite (Psychology)
Nataly Tumservica (Management)

?? Sophomores:
Mariana Chachua (Sports Management)

?? Juniors:
Alison Adamski (Sports Management)
Lauren Leo (Sports Management)

?? Graduate Students:
Barbora Blahutiakova (Sports Management)

Volleyball (7)
?? Freshmen:

Casie Brooks (Childhood Education)
Hui Ping Huang (Liberal Studies)

?? Juniors:
Elizabeth Austin (Finance)
Patti Hardimon (Sports Management)
Caitlin Rimgaila (Communication Arts)
Jenna Schweitzer (Management)

?? Graduate Students:
Shameka Mitchell (Adolescence Education/Career)

Women???s Basketball (5)
?? Freshmen:

Angel Tate (Undeclared)

?? Sophomores:
Tiina Sten (Psychology)

?? Seniors:
Danielle Chambers (History)
Tara Walker (Sports Management)

?? Graduate Students:
Dana Petersen (Finance)

Women???s Golf (5)
?? Sophomores:

Brittany Lambertson (Education)

?? Seniors:
Katie Lebel (Psychology)
Jaclyn Sanders (Sport Management)
Catherine Steciuk (Health Services Administration)
Christin Thomson (Sport Management)

Men???s Basketball (2)
?? Freshmen:

Tomas Jasiulionis (Undeclared)

?? Sophomores:
Otoja Abit (Communication Arts)

Men???s Golf (2)
?? Juniors:

Joseph Yastrub (Sport Management)

?? Seniors:
Thomas Travalja (Finance)

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