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    Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Medicine Ron Linfonte oversees athletic training services at St. John's University. His staff includes six assistant athletic trainers. The entire staff is certified by the National Athletic Trainers' Association and boasts more than 50 combined years of athletic training experience. Linfonte and his staff, along with a number of student athletic trainers, are responsible for the health and care of the 17 NCAA Division I sports at the University.

    Each certified staff member is in charge of the health care of at least two varsity athletic teams and support groups. These responsibilities begin with attendance at every team practice and competition, as well as travel to nearly every road contest. The athletic trainer is responsible for evaluating and assessing athletic injuries, administering first aid and injury care, making medical referrals and establishing treatments, rehabilitation and reconditioning of the athletic injuries. The athletic trainer spends a significant amount of time in the education of student-athletes with respect to injury-prevention, nutrition and psychological support in dealing with injuries.

    The athletic training department is under the guidance of several noted sports medicine physicians. Osrik King, M.D., serves as the primary care physician for the health care of the student-athletes. Area orthopaedist, Answorth Allen, M.D., oversees the orthopaedic needs for Red Storm athletes. St. John's Sports Medicine utilizes all the other varied orthopaedic needs at our network hospitals, the Hospital for Special Surgery, located in New York City. Also available through the St. John's sports medicine network are an additional host of medical consultants to meet the specific needs of our athletes including cardiology, podiatry and chiropractic care.

    The athletic training staff utilizes the sports medicine facilities to treat and rehabilitate injured athletes in Taffner Field House and Carnesecca Arena. The sports medicine staff also utilizes local area physical therapists for more comprehensive post-surgical care of the athletes.

    The sports medicine team of athletic trainers and team physicians is committed to providing the most comprehensive and safest health care possible. Evaluations, treatments and rehabilitation are established for each individual, taking into consideration the sport in which the athlete participates as well as other intangible matters. The primary goal of the St. John's sports medicine department is to return the athletes to their status before injury in the safest and most timely manner.

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