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Coach: Bill Delawski
(718) 990-5302

The Bowling Club is open to all matriculated students (12 credits/2.0 GPA) who are interested in competition. The club will participate in the Eastern Intercollegiate Bowling Conference as well as various tournaments throughout the year. Competition and practice will take place mainly on weekends. Practice will commence the second weekend of the fall semester.

  • Physical Examination is Required.

    Meets Tues. & Thurs. 2:30-4pm in Fitness Center.
    Physical Exam required.
    Coach: Kiyoshi Shiina
    (718) 990-5810

    Judo or the "Gentle Way" is a martial art and a sport. A person's strength and momentum are used against his or herself to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum effort thus using your strength economically. While developing the body it also disciplines the mind. Judo as a sport is a contest between two individuals whose skills are tested by throwing and grappling on the mat, and the application of submission holds (chokes, pins and armlocks). Here at St. John's we offer Judo as two disciplines - as a sport and as the art of self-defense through practice and by attending various competitions and intercollegiate meets. Physical Examination Required.

    Meets Mon. & Wed. 2:30-4pm in Fitness Center.
    Physical Exam required.
    Coach: S. Henry Cho
    (718) 990-5810

    Karate is a form of the martial arts; a sport and a great exercise. The style of Karate taught at St. John's is called Tae-Kwon-Do. The club is affiliated with the S. Henry Cho Institute and Instructors from the institute conduct our classes. The club is open to all students and does not require any experience. At the end of each semester, club members are tested and earn belts of various colors and degrees. Physical Examination Required.

    Men's Volleyball
    Coach: Eric Pavels
    (718) 990-2917

    The Men's Volleyball Club is the newest club at St. John's University. The club will hold tryouts during the fall semester and will compete during the school year. Practices will be determined by the coach.

  • Physical Examination is Required.
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