Postgame Quotes: Georgetown 79, St. John's 65

Jan. 8, 2006

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- St. John's Head Coach Norm Roberts
On tonight's game:
"I am not a least bit disappointed in our effort. I thought our effort was good. I thought we tried very hard. Give Georgetown a lot of credit. They are a very good basketball team. That one kid shot unbelievably...(Darrel) Owens. They did a good job of getting him the basketball. We are young and we are trying to get better. We are inexperienced. We played great for 30 minutes and there was a 10-minute situation where we played a little undisciplined. We will get better at it. This is a terrific league. We are just going to have to get better everyday."

On Darrel Owens:
"You are never expecting someone to shoot it like that. Owens got into a rhythm. There were occasions where there was a hand in his face. He canned it. End of the shot clock he made them. Sometimes guys have nights like that. The tough thing is that with that offense it is very hard to take the ball out of one guy's hands. They spread you out and there are so many back cuts. They did a good job of being patient and getting the shot they wanted."

On the inexperience of the team:
"We are young and inexperienced. When we turn it over we think that we have to get it back right away. We start to rush. One guy tries to make a play he shouldn't and the next guy tries to make a play and the next thing you know we are down eight. To be honest, we don't have that type of firepower to get down eight and think we are going to get back in it with two or three shots. I thought our effort was good. I thought we battled, competed. Give them credit too. They changed defenses when they saw we were hurting them inside."

Sophomore Guard Eugene Lawrence
On Darrel Owens:
"I think he got into a rhythm. When certain players get into a rhythm, you can play good defense and they will hit tough shots."



On St. John's defense:
"I think that for each possession we have to guard for the whole 35 seconds and not just the first 25."

On the maturity of the team:
"Nobody likes to lose, but we play against teams like Georgetown that have been playing together. We are new to each other. It is a process for us to win games like this."

Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III
On Amadu Kilkeeny-Diaw:
"We went through a stretch where we couldn't stop them. Amadou is a very good post defender. We put him in there and our defense got a little bit better. I thought that was the key. Throughout the game we were getting points, but I just thought when we put Amadou in there our interior defense got better and all of a sudden the rebounds started bouncing our way. Amadou's defense during that stretch was key."

On Darrel Owens:
"The kid can shoot. He has a good size and pretty good range. He can handle the ball a little bit so he can get his own shot. He needs to do more things than consider himself a shooter but he can shoot."

On tonight's game:
"I think our guys are getting a comfort level and getting to the point that we have options. We have not played well here so I thought it was good to get a win here. They played well. I thought our guys were pretty poised tonight. We were lucky to get out of here (with win)."

On St. John's:
"They played us up here last year and pretty much took us out of everything we wanted to do. What they did is what we expected. They were pretty aggressive. We expected the pressure they threw at us. They have guys that can guard on the perimeter and put pressure on you so that is what we expected them to do."

On the team's shooting:
"It varies being honest with you. As long as we are getting quality shots. You are going to have some nights where the ball just doesn't go in. We played them here last year and we got the exact same shots but we missed. We were getting shots, the ball just didn't go in. Tonight it went in."

On the team's perimeter play:
"If people want to take our interior, we have other choices. Jeff (Green) was our third leading scorer. He had 11 (points). They did a good job of taking away the post. Hopefully we can continue to grow and continue to progress as a team so that we can have answers if people want to take things away."


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