POSTGAME QUOTES: St. John’s vs. Xavier

March 8, 2018

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St. John’s Head Coach Chris Mullin

On having to play at noon following playing at 7 p.m. last night:
“They're a tough team to play against under any conditions. [Have] great guards. They're physical. The turnaround is what it is. It's scheduled out and that's what you get for coming in ninth.”

On the season:
“I really haven't assessed the whole season, but, yeah, you're right on. We got off to a good start, had a horrendous January and I thought we played pretty well the last 10 games. So up-and-down, inconsistent for different reasons, different circumstances. But these two guys here [Simon and Clark] and the guys that played the bulk of the minutes, I thought they did a good job handling different things that were thrown at them, just absorbing it, being accountable and just kind of moving on.”

On the momentum gained from play in February and March:
“I think it's clear when we played unselfishly, played together, we were a pretty good ball club. And when we didn't, we struggled. A lot of times we had some close games that didn't go our way, but I thought we fought through that and to finish up the way we did I thought was impressive after having that tough stretch in January.”

On the possibilities of next season:
“Believe it or not I haven't really looked that far ahead yet. I'm sure you'll put that timeline on me, so I'll be looking forward to that. And we'll see who does come back. But to me the most important thing is going to be another good summer [of work]. We had a great offseason; I think that's what propelled us to the good start. So that's probably, to me that's the next part of the development is the summer offseason program. These guys will lead that and we'll get a good summer we should improve.


Redshirt sophomore guard Justin Simon

On the BIG EAST Tournament:
“It's been one of the best leagues in the country. Hopefully next year we'll try to finish in the top five and go from there.”

On what adjustments were made in the second half:
“I'm not sure what adjustments they made, but they definitely stepped up their defense. I thought they guarded us well and they got out and ran. And they were scoring the ball. And it was hard to stop them when they were going.”


Redshirt junior forward Marvin Clark II

On the BIG EAST Tournament:
“Biggest thing I take from it, try to finish in the top five, try to be a top-five seed so you get a better break. But it's our league. It's a good league, great league. We've known that throughout the year.”

On lessons learned from this season:
“I would say you know how you handle distractions, how you handle distractions and how you go about every day on and off the floor. I think that's one of the biggest things. Like Coach said, consistency. We have reasons within our team, within our program that were kind of distractions to our team. But the biggest thing, it's just what Coach has instilled in us is how we bounce back. And I think having that 11-game stretch of losing, losing, losing, losing, I think most people would have cowered and tucked their tail and ran. I'm proud of our team for fighting back and making, salvaging something out of the season. And I think that's just goes from what Coach has instilled in us and what he's talked to us about night in night out."




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