St. John's Men's Basketball: Red Storm Tip-Off Quotes

Head coach Steve Lavin talks live with Bill Raftery on Fox Sports 1.

Oct. 25, 2013

Head Coach Steve Lavin
Opening statement to the fans:
"It doesn't get any better than this on a Friday night. I appreciate you representing! The men's and the women's team, 28 strong as a group representing this University in a first-class manner. We already know the women have a goal. We've been working on the men's side for three plus years to get to this point. We now have the artillery and the firepower to do something special. Sixteen members on our men's basketball team, and we couldn't be more proud of the way they represent, how hard they've worked to position our program for launch. This year, the goal is to `get it in,' so LET'S GET IT IN!"
On the new motto "Let's Get It In":
"It's actually from when Ron Artest spoke to our team earlier this fall. That was the theme of his talk. Life presents certain windows of opportunity and you want to make the most of them."
On Orlando Sanchez:
"He's a very unusual player for his size. The skill set he possesses is an asset and when you add his maturity and experience, we're pleased to have him. As you can see if we had him last year, we would've been a different team."
On Chris Obekpa's suspension:
"As a coach you try and teach your players that choices and judgments are an important part of life and so appropriately there are consequences that are tied to those choices. I think it will be a valuable learning experience for Chris. That's where the focus is on, the lesson and opportunity to understand that there is a responsibility that comes with representing this basketball program and University."
On keys to the season:
"There are three keys. Staying injury free, because obviously injuries derail seasons, learning to play as a cohesive unit on both ends of the court which will develop chemistry, and the development of our freshman will be vital to our team's success. If I look big picture, I like the personnel, the pieces, and the balance of this team."
On seeing Rysheed Jordan play:
"He has tremendous poise and makes good judgments on the court. He plays with a hard edge which is an indication of his competitiveness and that's why he has had success since a young age on the court."




Junior Guard Phil Greene IV

On the tip-off environment:

"Yea, there were a lot more fans than the usual. The energy was crazy. Everyone is excited for the season to start so the energy was off the meter."

On the fan expectations:

"They believe in us tremendously and we have to deliver this year. This is a key year for us and we're going to deliver."

On Orlando Sanchez's performance tonight:

"The only thing you haven't seen are the blocked shots."

On the realization that the season is starting:

"It's really time to lock in. Our first game on the road is against Wisconsin, a very tough team. We have to be ready and prepared to play."

On Rysheed Jordan's dunk over God's Gift:

"He has tremendous hops. Who did he jump over? Gift? Whoa. That's all I can say."

On the growth of the program:

"It means a lot. Especially being a junior and watching this team grow, it means a lot." 


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