Postgame Quotes: St. John's 67, Bucknell 63

Junior Sir'Dominic Pointer recorded six rebounds and six assists off the bench for St. John's.

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Nov. 19, 2013

Head Coach Steve Lavin

Opening Statement:
“It was a tale of two halves with Bucknell having their way in the first 20 minutes and St. John’s having a dominating performance in the second half. It was a quality win for our team given the stage of the season. Bucknell is going to be a handful for any team they play this season.”

On where the team will be in a few months:
“This is a group that each day continues to make progress. Whether that is going to be enough to always result in a win, only time will tell, but I do like the pieces. Because we have new pieces each practice and game informs our staff. We are a work in progress but the upside is intriguing."

On decreasing turnovers the last couple games:
“We’re a team playing at high speed. Six turnovers [tonight], nine against Wagner and 12 against Wisconsin. Ball security is a key statistic."
On Rysheed Jordan:
“Rysheed is still learning our zone slides, so in fairness to him, its tough to throw him in a game to play a defense he’s not familiar with would not be a wise move. At the end of the day we’re trying to develop as a team for the long haul yet we still need to win enough games along the way to position us for the postseason. Our view of Rysheed has never changed because we get to see his gifts on display every day in practice.”
On shooting tonight:
“Bucknell came in with a great game plan and packed the paint. We have to do a better job of continuing to move the ball like we did in the second half. We’re still finding our way and tinkering with combinations but I think we saw some glimpses of what we can become come February.”

Junior Guard Phil Greene IV

On the team's second half run:

"We needed it a lot, we were struggling.  They were on a run. We had defensive stops that made our offense, so once we got the stops it was easy for us on offense."

On improving 3-point shooting:

"I was saying 'I have to hit one'. I was playing aggressive. I didn't want to shy away. They were giving us the shots so we had to make them. We take a lot of shots at practice, so why not take them."

On the increasing comfort level among the team:

"We are a close-knit group. We get better every day. We practice hard and we put a lot of work in. Each game we learn from each other and we learn from our mistakes. Each game we're going to get a lot better. So by January-February, like Coach always says, we're going to be a dangerous team to play." 


Junior Guard/Forward Sir Dominic Pointer

On tonight’s performance:

“Our defense stepped up big in the second half, especially with Coach switching the defense into zone. We played a hard game out there and in the first half we were getting beat in the paint. Bucknell was sagging off of us and we had to take advantage by taking more shots, but the defense helped us get back into the game, got us out into the open field and allowed us to run plays.”

On Rysheed Jordan:

“Rysheed is a great freshman. He’s going to continue to play and score and will only continue to get better. We’re all like brothers and we will be persistent on encouraging him to work hard.”

On Coach Lavin’s talk about coming together come February:

“We’re just going to take it game by game. We’re going to keep winning games hopefully and keep learning and getting to know each other. Coach isn’t saying that we’re going to be losing games, but we’re going to get better each game and keep progressing as a team.”


Bucknell Head Coach Dave Paulsen

On tonight’s game:

“It was a disappointing loss for us. I thought we played very well.  For stretches of time, we couldn’t hold St. John’s off in the middle of the second half. Our inability to keep them off the glass throughout the game was huge. I thought (Phil) Greene played really well for St John’s. He got them sparked when we did a pretty decent job on Harrison. We struggled to score, they really stepped the pressure up. We missed 30 shots and they had 13 blocked shots, so for all intensive purpose half of our misses were blocked shots and we can’t really replicate that kind of shot blocking capabilities in practice. It was disappointing. You got to give a lot of credit to St. John’s. We gave them our best shot. They hung tight and didn’t panic. They made stops when they needed to and they knocked down free throws.”


Bucknell Senior Guard Cameron Ayers

On being guarded by Sir'Dominic Pointer

“He’s more athletic than me and he’s probably faster than me. I just tried to outsmart him.  Let the game come to me. My teammates did a great job of finding me the ball. I tried to be aggressive. There are some areas we slipped in. I had two key turnovers at the end of the game as a senior guard and a leader of the team. It was difficult and I just tried to play at my own pace and not be in a rush.”




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