Pregame Quotes Vs. Marquette

Feb. 23, 2010


Head Coach Norm Roberts
On Anthony Mason Jr.:
"I thought he was going to upgrade the talent level in our program when I was recruiting him. He is a tough kid and has great character. He cares about winning. His dad was a great player and went through a lot before playing in the NBA and his mother has done a great job raising her kids in Memphis. He comes from a great family atmosphere. He has competed here and has fought through injuries. He has some bad luck with injuries, but persevered to help St. John's."

On his relationship with Mason Jr.":
"We have been together for a long time. I was with him through all of his injuries and he was with me through all the tough times- the games and the wins and losses. He's from a tight family environment and he knows what we were trying to build here. He has been an asset to our program."

On Marquette:
"They are tough. Everything for them is about energy and effort. They shoot the ball well. We play very similar, but they may shoot better. We have to guard their perimeter guys and make them play within the arc. We need to match them athletically with rebounds. They are all about toughness."

On parity in the BIG EAST Conference:
"This league is unbelievable. There is no give in any team in the BIG EAST. Top to bottom, anyone can beat anyone and anything can happen. It doesn't matter if you had a two or three-game win streak, you have to be ready every night. You have to give a full 40 minutes and you have to give everything you have to win in this league."

Senior Guard Anthony Mason Jr.
On making a postseason tournament:

"I thought we were going to make this happen. We need to stay focused and get these next four wins and then go into the BIG EAST Tournament and get three or four wins. It would mean a lot playing on the big stage."



On returning from injury this season:
"I'm thrilled to be out there. I am happy I got to play with these guys and be here at St. John's."

On the expected atmosphere in Carnesecca Arena on Wednesday:
"I hope its loud. I hope there are a lot of people here for the team to support us. It mean's a lot to me that it will be Senior Day."

On playing in Carnesecca Arena:
"I like playing here. When it's packed, it helps us a lot. It is all of our fans here. It's like when we go on the road and the other team's fans are on you. I like the new seating bowl and how we are surrounded."

On what it takes to return from injury:
"It takes a lot of hard work and mental toughness. You have to be able to self motivate to push yourself through injuries and set backs. You always have to be in a position to think you're coming back."

On Senior Night:
"I hope it's a good farewell. I have been waiting for my turn. I can't wait to bring my mom out. She's my No. 1 fan and it means a lot to have her and my little brother here to walk out with me."

Junior Guard Paris Horne
On the influence of Mason Jr. in the recruiting process:
"Mason Jr. was a star player here. I knew they were trying to rebuild here. I wanted to come here and work with him and the coaches to rebuild the program."

On Mason Jr. and his impact this season:
"He is very unselfish. He gets everybody in it. We are happy he got his year to come back and play with us. He was trying to get his feet wet and get up to speed. He's comfortable now."

On the even level of play in the BIG EAST Conference:
"In this league, no one gives up. Top to bottom, everyone plays hard every game and everyone is trying to get a shot at the NIT or NCAA Tournament."

On Mason Jr.'s Senior Night:
"I am glad to see him healthy. It's his day tomorrow. He's been here for awhile and has a lot of dedication to the program. He doesn't have quit in him."

Senior Guard John Taubeneck
On playing at St. John's:

"It means a lot to be here, coming from Roger Williams and being able to transfer here and be a part of St. John's basketball. I came to St. John's because I wanted a more metropolitan school and to include basketball was a coincidence and a benefit."

On taking the court:
"I appreciate the support I get form fans when I play. I'm putting in the time and it feels great when I get the chance to take the court."


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