Selection Sunday Quotes

Senior Sir'Dominic Pointer talks with the media after finding out the Red Storm made the NCAA Tournament.
March 15, 2015

Head Coach Steve Lavin
On playing San Diego State:
"San Diego State prefers an up-tempo style of play, similar to ours. My quick snapshot, before we start doing our film work, is that it will be an up-tempo affair."

On playing in the NCAA Tournament with a group of seniors:

"Senior experience in college basketball is important, yet this will be new territory. There is not a player on our roster that has NCAA Tournament experience. We are eager for the challenge of playing San Diego State and are grateful for the opportunity to move through the bracket."

On returning to the NCAA Tournament:
"I've been fortunate to participate in 15 NCAA Tournaments - eight as a head coach and seven as an assistant. This tournament appearance is especially gratifying because our seniors will have an opportunity to experience March Madness for the first time."

On how the team must feel:
"For the kids, it's surreal because it's the first time so there is a lot of adrenaline. They'll be able to celebrate this for a few hours before we start our preparation for San Diego State University. They're allowed to enjoy this moment because they've worked so hard to punch through and bring St. John's back to the NCAA Tournament."

Senior Guard D'Angelo Harrison
On earning a bid to the NCAA Tournament:
"It's great. I'm excited. We will celebrate today, but at Monday's practice we will focus and lock in to make sure that we take care of business."

On what this means to his career:
"Getting in was big for me. I know it was for everyone else. Winning games and having all of these accolades does not mean anything because we haven't done anything in the NCAA Tournament. The fact that we are in is a big step for me and the program. We just want to win as many games as possible."

On the seniors making the NCAA Tournament:
"That is why we made it. We did it together since the first day I met these guys and we are all still here together. It is exciting to do it together. We are a special group."

Senior Forward Sir'Dominic Pointer
On earning a bid to the NCAA Tournament:
"It was a great moment, we finally did it. It's been four years in the making and we finally got it. We know who we are playing, where we are playing and that we need to prepare for it. We'll be ready."

On earning the No. 9 seed:
"It's the first step of getting in. Once you are in, no matter where you are seeded, you can make some noise."

On the seniors heading to the NCAA Tournament:
"We started here together and we are going to finish together. No matter what happens, this is big for us in the sense that we worked so hard [for this] our whole lives. Over the last four years we have been together. We've had our ups and downs, but now it is finally coming together."

Senior Guard Phil Greene IV
On playing San Diego State:
"There will be a lot of film study and preparation and we will utilize scouting reports on each player for San Diego State. When it comes to practice, our coaches will get us prepared and they will help us get accustomed to what San Diego State does."

On the excitement of the NCAA Tournament:
"It's one of the greatest sporting events and we get to participate in it. It is truly a blessing and it is a testament to our work ethic and all that we accomplished this season."

Senior Guard Jamal Branch
On the feeling in making the NCAA Tournament:
"Just the feeling of playing another game. There are teams at home that are not playing anymore, but being one of the last few teams that are still alive and playing is a great feeling. We're not going to take advantage of that, so we're going to work hard and practice to get ready for Friday."




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