Strength & Conditioning


1. Follow the Varsity Team workout schedule that is posted outside the weight room.

2. Student-athletes must train during their assigned team workout sessions. The only exception would be a class conflict; whereby approval for an optional time must be obtained from the respective team strength coach.

3. Student-athletes who wish to carryout additional individual workouts must do so during Open Varsity hours.

4. During training sessions, individual program cards must be followed and filled out completely each and every workout.

5. A Strength & Conditioning Coach or Team Coach must supervise training sessions at all times.

6. Respect and Replace all equipment. Weight plates should be placed on racks with lettering facing out. Do Not leave weights on the floor or against equipment.

7. Abuse of equipment will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion.

8. Except during Olympic lifts, Do Not drop weights.

9. Always work with a Sense of Purpose - No Loitering or Horseplay at any time.

10. Absolutely No Profanity.

11. Dress Code:

  1. St. John's Varsity team t-shirt and shorts or sweat pants, and sneakers
  2. No Jewelry
  3. No cut off shirts, hats, or head gear of any kind
  4. ABSOLUTLEY no other University apparel is permitted anywhere in the facility - PRIDE!

12. All personal belongings should be placed in your assigned locker.

13. No personal music players to be used.

14. No Food or Beverages...Water Only. A personal water bottle should be brought to each training session.

15. Bar collars MUST be used at all times.

16. When performing squats in the power racks, make sure that safety bars are set at the appropriate heights.

17. Spotters MUST be used during all major lifts, except Olympic lifts.

18. During Olympic lifts, DO NOT stand behind or in front of the person while a lift is being performed.

19. Equipment (medicine balls, hurdles, jump ropes, speed ladders, etc.) is not permitted to leave the facility at any time without permission from a strength staff member.

20. All guests and visitors MUST receive permission from the Director of Strength and Conditioning as well as sign a waiver in order to use the facility.

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